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The fear of every person, private or business, is to find themselves facing a need or an urgency, and not having the financial resources to do it. To offer a service as close as possible to this timeless “standard question”, immediate online loans were born.
In reality there are two forms of immediate loans that we use very often without being aware of them, namely:

  • the opening of credit in a current account – the classic bank credit linked to the crediting of the salary, the guarantee of securities, etc;
  • credit cards – both on balance and revolving credit cards which in turn also represent the most common form of instant loans without a paycheck.

Considering the innovations that have been introduced in the calculation of the credit lines granted by the banks (maximum overdraft fees, method of liquidation of interest, etc.), it is always recommended to ask in advance for their availability. It is no coincidence that even the best online current accounts today provide for the concession in simple ways, and with a wide possibility of customizing the amounts. All this without neglecting the transparency of the conditions that “online” nature must guarantee.


When is it possible to get funding right away?

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Requesting a loan, without having to worry if you are protested, or without a paycheck, and in addition to instantly obtaining the amount you need is a pure illusion. Each potential applicant for any loan must pay attention to the type of loan he can obtain more easily.

So for protestants, for example, a loan from a private individual or the assignment of a fifth is advisable, for those without paychecks and without guarantees, there must first be a search for a guarantor, etc.

If you do not pay attention in this first phase, you risk “freezing” and delaying the time of requesting a new loan for at least 30 days, suffering a delay which in some cases can be disastrous.

As for the types of loans that are more or less immediate, one must always start from a premise: if a “purist” approach were adopted, the real immediate online loans are those that provide a necessary amount of money, in the moment in which this ‘need’ is felt (therefore credit and revolving cards or revolving loans).

In other cases, even in the face of an extremely fast response from the lending bank, talking about immediate online loans always constitutes a constraint, except for very few exceptions introduced just recently, such as the innovative Onemile Credit CreditExpress Easy which we will discuss below more specifically given the particularity it offers and presents.


Immediate online loans: the only type?

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The zeroing of distances obtained through the web, meant that it was the online loans that were able to get as close as possible to the requirement of the essentiality of the timing that goes from the request to the moment when the sum financed is physically provision of the applicant.

In fact: requesting a quote, submitting the loan application, recognition by digital signature and forwarding the documentation, are all phases that can be completed in a matter of minutes. However, especially when there is an unexpected and urgent urgency, it must always be remembered that the immediate response is subject to the evaluation of the complete documentation requested, so the time taken to collect and send it, must be considered as extra time to be added in any case (therefore it is preferable to be foresighted and always have everything at hand: tax code or health card, identity document, paycheck or Unique model) with return times that normally do not exceed 36 installments.


Instant or online loans, only personal?

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Instant online loans are not the only way to get the amount you need. One of the traditional very fast alternatives is represented by the lien on loan which moreover escapes the assessments on the reliability of the applicant. Even the replies of the finalized loans obtained through the financial agreements with the commercial establishments arrive extremely quickly, and often constitute the best choice for obtaining the advantageous zero rate.


Examples of instant online loans

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  1. Among the banks that guarantee quick decision-making and disbursement times is Iwbank, with medium-low rates and a discreet choice on personal loans, as well as an entirely online procedure;
  2. Coinfidence is among the financial companies that provide for the disbursement of this type of financing. The choice can sometimes be complex, due to a highly fragmented and specialized financing structure.
  3. Mellow Bank Project is 100% online, without opening costs, or management and preliminary inquiries. Rates are low especially when compared to the personal category. The process is completely guided and it is possible to take advantage of the ‘skip installment’ three times, or change the installment amount online so as to make it as flexible as possible.


Onemile Credit CreditExpress Easy: the real instant online financing?

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As already mentioned, it is the only form of real instant online loan to date. In fact, from the App downloaded for free on your mobile phone you have to follow these simple steps:

  • enter the application by authenticating;
  • select the item Apply for loan;
  • indicate the amount you wish to have (which must be between 1000 and 5000 dollars) and the repayment duration (between a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 36 installments);
  • therefore the request must be submitted with a touch and Onemile Credit immediately credits the sum requested to be spent in the way you prefer without giving any explanation.

The rate applied will always be fixed and subsidized, standing at 6.9%. As minimum requirements to be respected we find:

  • have a Onemile Credit account with an age of only 6 months;
  • having requested the pre-feasibility assessment from Onemile Credit (until the sums are used, no costs are incurred);
  • have subscribed to the Internet Banking service;
  • having downloaded the App which is compatible for both iOS (IPhone, Ipad) and Android operating systems.